Looking for tips for new denture wearers? We’ve got it covered. Continue reading to learn how to adapt to wearing dentures.  

Modern dentures are affordable and practical but getting used to them after the denture treatment may take a while. It can be challenging to adjust to wearing dentures, particularly if they are your first set. It’s almost like having to relearn how to speak and eat.

Whether you’ve never worn dentures before or you’ve just obtained a new set, there are a few things you can do to get used to them more quickly and ensure they fit your mouth properly. These tips for new denture wearers can help you easily adjust to your new teeth. 


6 Tips For New Denture Wearers 

If you are a new denture wearer and wish to adjust to them as soon as possible, consider these tips for new denture wearers. 



  • Commit Yourself To Use Them

Using your new teeth after denture treatment consistently is the first step toward becoming acclimatised to them. The human brain does not notice the teeth’s absence when they are removed and placed in a cup or on a table. Make a habit of taking care of your dentures. This will help you remember to wear them. 


  • Make Sure Your Dentures Never Get Dry

The saliva in your mouth regularly moistens your natural teeth, keeping them from ever becoming dry. Similarly, dentures need to be constantly soaked in either water or a denture cleaning soaking solution to maintain their cleanliness. 

Letting your dentures dry out might cause them to break and deform. Your smile and dental health are worth the investment in denture treatment, so keep them moist at all times. 


  • Clean Them Once A Day

Cleaning your dentures daily is the first step toward adjusting to them. You may recover more quickly from denture treatment discomfort by keeping your new false teeth clean and free of bacteria. Do not neglect your oral health at any cost. This will make them feel more natural in your mouth. Otherwise, they will feel more like an addition to your mouth than a genuine part. 


  • Eat Soft Meals

When new denture wearers first obtain their false teeth, it may take some practice to chew more challenging things such as steak and other red meats. Eat something soft, like a banana or mashed potatoes, to ease your stomach into eating again. Similar to the food you eat after a wisdom tooth removal. Muscle memory will kick in for chewing, making it easier to tackle more challenging foods in the future. 


  • Speaking Exercises

guide wearing dentures burwoodDon’t feel bad if you can’t pronounce a word correctly. This is quite common for new denture wearers. It will take practice for your cheeks, lips, and tongue to adapt to using dentures for speech. Have faith that your lisp will eventually go. 

Try reading aloud from one of your favourite novels to hone your pronunciation skills while wearing dentures. Dentists agree that the more time you spend doing speaking exercises after your denture treatment, the better they will work for you. 


  • Use Ice Packs

It’s common to feel pain and discomfort after getting new dentures. But there are ways to alleviate the initial phase of discomfort. New denture wearers can use an ice pack to relieve discomfort instantly. Lay an ice pack on the side of your cheek where your denture is. The cold will numb the region, making the pain more bearable. Soaking dentures in warm salt water can reduce inflammation and muscular tension for some people. 



There are some issues that arise when you get new dentures. You could have trouble eating or speaking and even get a sore mouth. You’re in luck because these tips for new dental wearers can be your saviour.

As long as you don’t hesitate to use them, take care of them gently, and maintain good oral hygiene, you should be able to use your dentures with pride and confidence.

When regular home care measures don’t resolve the problem with your dentures, visit a dental professional. 


Get Professional Help With Your Denture Treatment

If you have tried a few of these solutions but are still unhappy with how your new dentures fit, you can rely on our dentists to help you. The expert dentists at My Local Dentists can find and resolve your problem in no time.

You can also contact us if you are interested in full or partial denture treatment. Call us or visit us online to make an appointment at any of the five clinics of your choice in Sydney. My Local Dentists can help you get back your smile and confidence.





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