Dentures are among the most popular choice to replace missing teeth. They are versatile dental prostheses that replace a single missing tooth or a complete set of missing teeth. Additionally, they are quickly made and are relatively cost-effective. Modern dentures are also incredibly lightweight to enhance patient comfort and create a naturally beautiful smile.

However, It’s no secret that a learning curve is to be expected with new dentures. Carry on reading to learn valuable tips on how to make dentures more comfortable.


Adjusting with new dentures

If it is your first time fitting dentures and you find it doesn’t sit right in your mouth, don’t worry because this is normal. Transitioning to new dentures is a phase that happens to all denture-wearers. But with daily wear, and as your gums adjust to the new dentures, in no time, you will find yourself happier with your new smile.



Tips on How to Make Dentures More Comfortable

It takes around two weeks to get fully accustomed to new dentures. Try these tips to help you adjust better and faster during this time.


Adopt a soft diet

If you’re new to fitting dentures, eating softer and smaller foods can help you transition. Try bananas or mashed potatoes as a good source of nutrition while still being gentle with your gums. As the days go by, your jaw muscles will get used to chewing food, and you will feel more comfortable eating using your dentures.


Practice, practice, practice

Another tip on how to make dentures more comfortable is to learn how to use them. One of the problems with new dentures is learning to fit and remove them without hurting your gums. Your dentist will demonstrate this during denture fitting – and at home, copy your dentist and practice daily. Soon, you will get used to how to put on and remove your dentures without pain.


Be committed to using them

It is advised that removing and fitting dentures is not attempted for 24 hours from when your dentist placed them to allow your gums to mould into the dentures. Afterwards, don’t be disheartened if you still have trouble with your dentures. Your mouth is just getting used to the new dentures. It’s like wearing new shoes where a “breaking in” phase is needed.

Wear and use your new dentures daily to help the soft tissues of your mouth naturally adjust. With patience, you will soon adapt well and feel like you are not wearing any dentures.


Give your mouth a break

Dentures should only be worn during the day. At night, remove them to give your gums time to recover. You can also use an ice pack to address soreness. Then, clean your dentures thoroughly to remove bacteria and soak them in a denture bath.

Before you sleep, place them in their proper container to prevent accidental falls that may ruin your new dentures


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If all else fails, talk to your dentist

If within the transition phase of fitting your dentures, they still feel rough on some edges or soreness persists, it is best to return to your dentist. They can adjust the denture material to relieve you of constant pain. This is done gradually to prevent compromising the fit of your dentures.


The Takeaway

When it comes to new dentures, give yourself time to adjust, set realistic expectations, and be kind to yourself. You don’t need to worry if it takes a while to fully adjust to the denture process, particularly if you are new to fitting dentures. After enough use and with these tips on how to make dentures more comfortable, you’ll be on the road to a happier smile.

If you are experiencing problems fitting your dentures, call My Local Dentists today. We have a team that will thoroughly assess your needs to determine how to help you be more comfortable with wearing your dentures.





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