Teeth Whitening Burwood

Get a New Smile With Teeth Whitening in Burwood

Teeth Whitening Burwood

Get a New Smile With Teeth Whitening in Burwood

What is teeth whitening treatment in Burwood?

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Teeth whitening is a dental treatment that eliminates stains from the tooth’s surface and brings back the teeth’s original colour. It offers a reasonably priced, non-invasive, and fast way to have a brighter smile.

Our Burwood cosmetic dentist can usually perform tooth bleaching in one visit. A professional teeth whitening can lighten the current teeth’ colour by many shades, but it cannot make them sparkling white. While it cannot make your teeth brilliant white, it can lighten the current colour by several shades.

What happens during teeth whitening in Burwood?

The most popular technique for whiten your teeth is professional bleaching. Our Burwood dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for the treatment and will oversee it if you are.

To protect your gums, our dentist will first put a gel or rubber protection on your gums. After that, they will use a custom-made tray that fits in your mouth to apply the teeth-whitening solution to your teeth.

Chemicals used to Whiten Teeth

Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is typically the product’s active component. As the active ingredient degrades, oxygen enters the tooth enamel, lightening the colour of the teeth.

Professional whitening procedures work more quickly and deliver better results than over-the-counter solutions because they contain peroxide in higher concentrations.

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Benefits of teeth whitening


Reduced germs
Most teeth whitening products used are designed to kill germs that can cause gum disease and tooth decay.


Less visible imperfections
People are less likely to observe flaws like chips and cracks when their teeth are flawlessly white.

Improved self-confidence
Having a dull-looking smile can decrease your self-esteem. You’ll look and feel better after getting your teeth whitened.
Stain reduction
Stains can happen because of improper brushing habits or because of the foods you may consume. The whitening products used are specially designed to lighten these stains.

Frequently asked questions 

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What alternatives do I have for teeth whitening?
  • In-chair teeth whitening – Teeth whitening done by our Burwood dentists can get your teeth whitened faster. The whitening process may be accelerated and intensified using light, heat, or a combination of the two. Fortunately, our dental professionals use techniques that can be performed in a single 2-hour appointment (the Zoom system).
  • At-home whitening kits (Tray-based teeth bleaching systems) – This method involves wearing a mouth guard-like tray with a bleaching solution containing peroxide for one to many hours every day.
How long do whitening results last?
You need to know that the whitening of teeth is temporary. When people consume teeth-staining drinks and foods, the whiteness of their teeth may start to deteriorate in as little as one month. Individuals who stay away from stain-causing drinks and foods may be able to go up to a year without requiring another whitening procedure.
Does the teeth whitening procedure hurt?
Teeth whitening may lead to minor irritation in the gums and sensitivity during or after the procedure. These side effects are often transient and go away a few days after therapy. If you suffer any of these symptoms, you must let our dentist know so they can advise you on how to handle them best. Our Burwood dental practice’s goal is to encourage positive oral health practices and assist patients in maintaining their dental health while also enhancing their smiles for the long term.
How to care for my teeth once they have been whitened?

By limiting the number of foods and beverages you consume that can discolour teeth, you can help maintain them white. Don’t forget that quitting smoking can aid in avoiding stains and discolouration.

Below, we’ll give you some tips on how to care for your teeth:

  • Use fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth at night and at least once more throughout the day.
  • Decrease your intake of sugary beverages and foods.
  • Schedule regular visits as often as our dental team recommends.
When might teeth whitening not be effective?
Please note that tooth whitening works on natural teeth only and can only lighten your current tooth colour. Also, it will not work on false teeth like veneers, crowns, and dentures. If your dentures are discoloured or stained, visit our Burwood dentists and request them to clean your dentures.

Your smile could look like this, after Teeth Whitening:

TeethWhitening1 beforeTeethWhitening1 after
TeethWhitening2 beforeTeethWhitening2 after
TeethWhitening3 beforeTeethWhitening3 after

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