If you are considering dental implant surgery to replace missing teeth, you may be feeling a little apprehensive about the process and what it entails. Don’t worry because we have you covered. We know that understanding a situation puts you in a better position to deal with it when the time comes, so in this post, we’ll answer the question, “how are dental implants done.” Here’s what you need to know.

Firstly, dental implants are unlike any other form of dental restoration in that, unlike conventional bridges and dentures, they don’t rely on support from adjacent teeth. Instead, they’re anchored directly into the jaw at the missing tooth site. So, while this does require dental implant surgery, it’s over pretty quickly, and patients feel little or no discomfort. 


Here’s how the dental implant procedure works



The consultation 

You may be able to get a free consultation at your local dental clinic. If so, you have nothing to lose. Even if not, most dentists will include this part of the service in the overall fee anyway. So it isn’t a huge expense. Besides, during the consultation, your dental implants dentist will talk to you about your smile goals, find out about your current state of health, and indicate what can be done with a treatment plan. Also, you’ll find out exactly how much it will cost and have a better understanding of how dental implants are done


The procedure

If you’re happy to proceed, the next step is dental implant surgery. This is the part that most people fear, yet it’s typically over before you know it. A surgical guide is used to prepare the implant site during the dental implant procedure. A pilot hole is drilled into the bone, and a titanium post is inserted. 


Bone fusion

Over time the remaining bone tissue needs to fuse with the implant so that it stabilises in the jaw while creating a strong platform for a dental crown or bridge. This is a vital part of the dental implant procedure and can take anywhere between 2- 5 months. During this process (known as osseointegration), patients are free to carry on with their daily lives. 


surgery tooth implant process burwoodAbutment and final restoration

Once the implant has fully fused with the bone tissue, the next step of the dental implant procedure is to take an impression and fit the abutment. The impression is then sent off to the lab for crown fabrication. Meanwhile, the implant is uncovered from the gum, and the abutment (a small metal connector that joins the restoration to the implant post) is attached. Revealing the implant typically involves making a small incision into the gum and exposing the implant. This may involve a minor dental implant surgery but only takes around 10 minutes to complete. 

Once the dental crown is ready, it’s permanently cemented to the abutment. Finally, the restoration is checked for fit and to make any last-minute adjustments.  


So there you have it. Hopefully, it answers the question, “how are dental implants done?” and puts your mind at ease about dental implant surgery and the dental implant procedure.  

As you can see, getting dental implants isn’t as bad as people might think. The surgery itself is minimal, and while the whole procedure can take several months to complete, the result is a long-lasting hassle-free smile restoration that you’ll be proud to own.


If you want to find out more about dental implants and how dental implants are done, you should speak to a dentist that offers a free consultation. You can get all your questions or concerns answered and determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

At My Local Dentists, we offer a free dental implants consultation near you, and we can help you put your mind at ease. Book your smile consultation today. 




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