Dental implants are a great solution for those who have lost one or more teeth due to either losing teeth naturally through ageing, diseases, or accidents. They are made using contemporary technology and the latest techniques available allowing you can get back your natural smile. While dental implants are a great tooth replacement option, they’re not a quick fix solution, but just how long does a dental implant procedure take from start to finish? Let’s take a look. 


Dental implants – The entire process

The dental implant procedure is a permanent solution for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants consist of an implant post (artificial tooth root) and an implant-supported crown (artificial tooth). When considering how long does a dental implant procedure take from start to finish, you have to realise that it is a multi-stage process. 

This can vary, depending on the condition of your mouth—including the jawbone which is where the implant is inserted. The complete process from your first dental assessment to the completion of the dental implant procedure when the permanent crown is attached typically takes 4-9 months. However, if you have active gum disease, tooth decay or  bone loss in the jawbone, it may take much longer as these issues will need to be fixed before the implant procedure can begin. 


Breakdown of each stage of the dental implant procedure



Initial consultation

The first step in the dental implant process is the initial consultation with the dentist where they will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and discuss your needs and desired outcomes as well as carry out some preliminary tests and perhaps impressions of your teeth. You can expect this appointment to take around 1-2 hours.

During this initial consultation, the dentist will:

  • Check gums to make sure there are no signs of active gum disease
  • Examine teeth for signs of decay
  • Take impressions of your teeth 
  • Take X-rays or CT scans to determine bone density and location of nerves
  • Discuss what type of implants may work best for you, depending on several factors, including the number of teeth you want to replace with the implants
  • Put together a treatment plan outlining each stage of the process


Dental implants – The surgery

If you want to know how long does dental implant procedure take purely from a surgical perspective, it will be dependent upon how many implants and what type you have. The dentist will give you a more accurate picture when they custom a treatment plan. However, it is typically between 1-2 hours for one implant but less when using computer-guided methods

The surgery is performed in your dentist’s office under a local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. The dental implant procedure begins by making an incision in the gum above the jawbone where the implant is to be placed. A small hole is made in the bone and a titanium post (implant screw) is inserted. The gum incision is stitched over, covering the implant.

The area is left to heal. Dental implants will fuse with the jawbone (osseointegration) during the healing process, providing a strong and secure fixture (like a tooth root) on which to affix an artificial tooth (crown). Typically, this may take between 4 and 9 months However during this time patients should feel no discomfort and are able to carry out their normal daily activities. 


Dental Implants – Attaching the Crown

This is the final part of the dental implant procedure. It can be done under a local anaesthetic. The dentist opens up the gum to expose the implant and attaches the crown to the implant with a special connector (abutment). This procedure should be less than an hour. 


How Long Does Dental Implant Procedure Take from Start to Finish?

procedure of tooth implants timeframe burwood The dental implants process can be completed from start to finish in as little as 4 months, but it can take a year or more in some circumstances if there are oral or bone health issues that need treating.

However, while the procedure may take some time, it’s important to note that once in position, dental implants can last for many decades. Moreover, because they look, feel and act like natural teeth, they are well worth the wait.

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