Emergency Dentist Burwood

Emergency Dentist Burwood

What is a dental emergency?

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If you’re in pain, you might wonder if you can schedule an emergency dental consultation to identify and address the problem’s root cause. Our emergency dentist in Burwood is here to help you with a timely examination, and an appropriate treatment plan. An emergency dental visit can also offer essential care to relieve you if you are experiencing severe pain. Generally, any dental issue requiring urgent care to save a tooth, lessen excruciating pain, and stop bleeding is seen as an emergency.

What are the most common dental emergencies?

Exposed nerves
If your tooth nerves are exposed, you should see our Burwood emergency dentist immediately to prevent further nerve damage and infections.
Swollen mouth or jaw
It’s time for you to visit our emergency dentist visit for immediate care if your jaw or mouth swells suddenly for no apparent reason.

Bleeding or swollen gums
Even though infrequent gum irritation is not a dental emergency, persistent bleeding in the gums might signify a dental problem.


Unexplainable tooth pain
A toothache could be a sign that something is wrong in your mouth. When you have a sudden toothache, visit our emergency dentist to help treat the issue.

What are some common treatments for
dental emergencies or pain?

Root canal therapy is employed to save a tooth that is infected or severely damaged, instead of extracting it.

Dental fillings are combinations of materials like glass, plastic, or metal used to restore or repair teeth. In addition, fillings are also used to fix broken or cracked teeth. 

To extract a tooth, our emergency dentist uses manual dental instruments to remove teeth that can’t be saved. This is a treatment performed under local anaesthesia.

The process of splinting involves the use of fixed or removable restorations to connect two or more teeth. A fracture in your tooth can often lead to its weakening, but our Burwood dentist can use a splint to prevent you from losing the tooth.

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Dental Emergencies – Frequently Asked Questions

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How can an emergency dentist help me?

Optimal oral health keeps your smile strong and healthy, making it less likely to have an unexpected dental emergency. Many individuals believe that the only time they would need an emergency dentist is if they lost a tooth. However, that is untrue! There are numerous more circumstances where getting emergency help from our dentist is required. Visits to our emergency dentist may occasionally be necessary due to damaged dental work. For instance, visiting our emergency dentist is needed if your dental braces are broken. They will lessen your discomfort while repairing any damaged dental work. At our dental practice, our dentists are ready to help if you find yourself in urgent need of dental treatment.

What to do for a knocked-out tooth?

Avoid touching the tooth if you find yourself in this condition, and head straight to our emergency dentist. To prevent further harm to the root, carefully hold the tooth’s crown and rinse it in water. 

If possible, carefully try to re-insert the tooth’s root into its socket; if not, place your tooth in a cup of water to keep it moist.

How should I remove an object that is caught between my teeth?

If you have a small object or a piece of food trapped between your teeth, you may try to remove it using dental floss gently. Avoid attempting to remove it with anything really sharp, such as a pin, since you can end up causing more damage. Book an appointment with our emergency dentist immediately if dental floss doesn’t work.

What should I do if I have a broken or chipped tooth?

It is crucial that you visit our emergency dentist immediately, even if you are not currently in pain. At this moment, the sensitive and internal tooth parts may be exposed to a variety of bacteria present in your mouth. Additionally, if you leave the tooth untreated, it could decay further, and our emergency dentist will need to examine the situation immediately. Call our dental clinic in Burwood for emergency dental appointments.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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