Dentures Burwood

Affordable and High-Quality Dentures in Burwood

Dentures Burwood

Affordable and High-Quality Dentures in Burwood

What are dentures?

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Dentures are the removable false teeth employed to replace teeth lost due to many reasons, including injury or tooth decay. They are generally made from different dental materials like metal, plastic, or nylon. Dentures can fill gaps left by lost teeth.

Dentures are crafted to fit snugly over the gums. While Bridges or  dental implants in Burwood are sometimes suggested in areas with few teeth, dentures offer an affordable and quick reconstruction for those with significant tooth loss.

Dentures Burwood – Types

Complete dentures are removable dental appliances that can be used to replace missing teeth. They consist of upper and lower sets. Complete dentures may be required when an individual loses all of their teeth.

Temporary dentures are prosthetics that can be fitted as soon as your teeth have been extracted. Our dentist might suggest these types of dentures if you’ve previously experienced sensitive teeth or gums.

Implant-supported fixed dentures, also known as snap-on or snap-in dentures, have a crown fixed to implants surgically placed in your jawbone. After that, screws are used to secure it.

Partial dentures are made to fill the gaps created by missing teeth. If a person has a few missing teeth, partial dentures can be unclipped and taken out as required to give them more confidence.

Dentures Services Burwood

Benefits of dentures at Burwood

Improved speech
Missing teeth may impact the way you speak. Dentures resolve this problem and facilitate communication.





A natural smile
Dentures are made with plastic and porcelain materials that mimic natural teeth, giving your smile a natural appearance. Modern dentures are designed to replicate the function and appearance of natural teeth while also being comfortable.
Dentures are an affordable treatment option if there are still healthy teeth in the mouth.






Elevated confidence
Dentures fix your smile and remove any social awkwardness you could have had because of tooth gaps.





Denture Services – Frequently asked questions

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Can I eat comfortably with dentures?
Generally, it takes some time for patients to become accustomed to their dentures since they need to learn how to use them properly. You should eventually be able to eat pretty regularly, but it might take longer to get used to eating tough food items. Using denture adhesive may help stabilise your dentures and hold them in place.
How frequently should you see our Burwood dentist if you have dentures?

Our Burwood dentist can advise you on how frequently to see them if you wear dentures, but usually, it’s every six months. Regular visits to our Burwood denture clinic are essential to clean your teeth and ensure that your dentures fit correctly.

Can I sleep in my dentures?
Dentures can be worn at night, although we recommend taking them out. It would be best if you took out your dentures at night to allow your bone and gums an opportunity to recoup from the stress of the denture during the day. However, if you must wear dentures for social reasons, we advise you to schedule time during the day to clean your prosthetics and mouth thoroughly. You should not wear your dentures the whole day without proper oral hygiene. Wash your dentures at night and keep them in water overnight.
Can dentures be inserted the same day as teeth are removed?
Getting dentures fitted and having your teeth pulled on the same day is possible. These dentures are known as immediate dentures. You should consult our Burwood dentist to determine whether this course of therapy is right for you.
How painful is the process of receiving dentures?
It’s common to feel some slight irritation after getting new dentures fitted, but this should subside as your mouth gets used to them. The duration of the pain differs. It can take longer if you wore dentures earlier and now have a new set. As you go through the typical healing process, we advise you to visit our prosthodontist often to have the dentures adjusted.
What is the price for dentures?
The cost of dentures differs extensively based on several factors, such as the location of the dental practice, the time needed to complete the treatment, and the complexity of your specific procedure. In addition, payment terms differ according to the particular practice’s operational needs. The ideal way to find out the costs of the services you need is to see our Burwood prosthodontist and talk about the treatment you might require.
What is the lifespan of dentures?
When maintained properly, dentures usually last between 5 and 7 years.

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