There are various causes of yellow teeth, and most of them relate to lifestyle choices. Regardless of the cause of your tooth discolouration, teeth whitening is an effective way to bleach yellow teeth and give you a smile to be proud of. This post will explore ‘what causes yellow teeth’ and how teeth whitening can restore your smile.


What Causes Yellow Teeth?




It’s pretty common to develop yellow teeth as you get older because your enamel gets thinner, exposing the dentin below it. Dentin darkens as we age, and as it becomes more visible, can exacerbate the appearance of discoloured teeth.


Poor dental hygiene practices

Not brushing and flossing often enough, coupled with a build-up of surface plaque and tartar, also contributes to the appearance of yellow teeth. Getting a professional dental clean will remove many surface stains, as well as any plaque and tartar, which improves the appearance of your smile instantly.



Smoking and tobacco products cause stains to develop on your teeth. These stains make the surface discoloured. Often brushing and flossing alone isn’t enough to remove the stains, and teeth whitening treatments are required to whiten your teeth. 


Different beverages

Drinking lots of tea, coffee, red wine, and sodas can cause your teeth to discolour.



Some people have whiter teeth than others. This is often due to thicker dental enamel covering the teeth, which disguises the yellow dentin below it.


Certain medications

There are a number of different medications that contribute to tooth discolouration. Certain antidepressants, as well as antibiotics, antihistamines, and blood pressure medications, may also contribute to yellow teeth.



Trauma can affect the developing teeth in children and result in discolouration in adults’ and kids’ teeth. If the dental enamel is cracked or chipped, it can cause your teeth to discolour.


How Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Can Help Yellow Teeth

Visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening can remove surface stains and whiten the appearance of your smile. Your dentist will professionally clean and polish your teeth and examine your mouth to make sure it is free of tooth decay and gum disease.


How Does It Work?

The bleaching agent contains high-strength hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates your teeth, lifting and dissolving the stain molecules.


What To Expect

teeth whitening help rid yellow teeth burwoodYou will have a consultation and show your dentist how much you would like to bleach your teeth before the appropriate strength of bleach is selected. Your gums and soft tissues will be protected before the bleaching agent is painted carefully onto the surface of each tooth.

The process is usually repeated three times, and the bleaching agent is activated by blue light to ensure that it penetrates your teeth effectively. The chairside method is effective enough to be completed in just 45 minutes. 


How Long Do The Results Last?

How long your teeth stay white depends on your lifestyle factors and whether you continue to smoke or consume beverages that cause stains. For most patients, the process usually needs to be repeated every 12 to 18 months. When you attend your dental consultations for professional cleaning, you can discuss booking your next whitening treatment.


Is Teeth Bleaching A Safe Method To Treat Yellow Teeth?

Even though there are plenty of home remedies touted on the internet, professional teeth bleaching is the safest way to whiten yellow or discoloured teeth. Professional bleaching solutions must be approved, and your dentist will select the correct concentration of bleaching agent to achieve your whitening goals.


To find out more about what causes yellow teeth and how you can achieve a whiter smile, it’s best to speak to your friendly dentist about a long-term solution. Please contact the friendly team at My Local Dentists to book your appointment.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.






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