Dentures are a type of prosthetic device that is used to replace missing teeth. They come in both partial and full sets and are custom-made for each patient.

At its most basic concept, dentures consist of a base constructed from acrylic resin and denture teeth, which are either composite or porcelain materials. The base is what holds the denture teeth in place, and it forms to the roof of the mouth over time to ensure a proper fit. With modern dentures, the materials are often comfortable and durable, offering long-term wear for patients with missing or damaged natural teeth. 


types dental fake denture burwoodWho needs dentures?

Dentures are false teeth needed by people who have one or more missing teeth, which affects their left adversely.

People who have bad oral hygiene that has caused dental decay or periodontal disease are most likely to lose their teeth and require dentures.

These people are also those who may not visit a dentist regularly, as early signs of tooth loss went undetected. 


Advantages of dentures

Dental prostheses, more commonly known as false teeth or dentures, can provide significant advantages in both aesthetics and functionality to those missing one or more teeth due to age, injury or dental decay. 


Improved speech

Dentures can fill gaps in the mouth and make speaking easier. Having a full set of teeth enables your tongue to move in the correct way to form words which is difficult when there are gaps that affect the speech-sound connection. 


Better chewing action

A full set of dentition, be it natural or false teeth, makes it easy for you to eat certain types of food that may otherwise be difficult or uncomfortable with missing teeth. Not having the teeth to eat properly can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. 


Support remaining teeth

Removable dentures offer a great way to distribute the forces of chewing, protecting your natural teeth from excessive wear and tear. This helps preserve their shape and strength for long-lasting oral health!

When worn regularly during the day, if not for 24 hours, dentures can also help in preventing the remaining natural teeth from drifting into the gaps left by missing teeth. 


materials denture burwoodMaintain facial structure

When it comes to replacing teeth, you may tend to only think of an improved smile and better chewing ability. However, all of your teeth are essential for maintaining your facial structure – without them, you could be at risk of premature sagging of facial muscles, which can alter your appearance substantially.

Wearing dentures to replace missing teeth fills out your face and maintains its muscle shape and tone. 


Increased confidence

Dentures can be a liberating experience for those wanting to regain their confidence. By giving wearers the freedom to show off a radiant smile without feeling self-conscious about missing teeth, dentures have revolutionised how people view themselves and interact with others. 


Cost-effective solution to replace natural teeth

If you are seeking a cost-effective solution to teeth replacement, removable dentures offer an affordable option.

They are less expensive when compared to dental implants, as denture materials are cheaper. Denture fabrication is easier and takes less time. Furthermore, dentures do not require any surgery. This makes them a convenient option for those unable to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a dental implant procedure.

Not only do removable dentures provide an alternative to expensive solutions, but they also remain in good condition for years when taken care of properly. Regular check-ups with My Local Dentist’s qualified dentists, along with robust aftercare techniques, can maximise the life expectancy of your removable dentures. 


denture advantages burwoodNo special maintenance

Dentures do not require a special maintenance routine or schedule. Regular cleaning and visits to your preferred My Local Dentists location will help keep dentures in the best condition and fix any minor issue that arises, such as a loose fit which can be fixed quickly and easily.

However, dentures must be handled gently while cleaning and inserting or removing. You must take care they do not fall. While removing or cleaning, lean over a sink half-filled with water or place a towel on the counter or sink, so there is no damage from the impact in case they fall. 


No surgical procedures required

Unless you opt for implant-supported ones, removable dentures do not require any surgical procedure.

The qualified dentists at all five My Local Dentists will take an impression of your mouth and send it to the best dental labs to create your denture, which can then be fitted and worn without any need for surgery. 


Flexibility to remove when not needed

Unlike implants, dentures can be removed when not needed. They can be taken off at night to give you a comfortable sleep without the feeling that something could move in your mouth. It is also helpful to be able to remove them if you are suffering from mouth sores or swollen gums, or any other oral condition that can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. 



How are dentures made?

Removable dentures are custom-made for each patient. When you visit a My Local Dentists clinic for dentures, we will give you complete attention and explain the process in detail, so you know what is happening at every step. 


Initial consultation

At the initial consultation, one of our highly qualified and experienced dentists will physically examine your mouth and use the latest technology to check the condition of your mouth, such as the gaps left by missing teeth, the health of your gums, jawbone and any remaining natural teeth. 


benefits fake teeth burwoodTreatment planning

Once we have a complete picture of your mouth, we can start to plan the process of getting you dentures.

This plan may include the treatment of any pre-existing dental conditions such as dental decay, removal of loose or diseased teeth etc. 


Possible restorative and healing phase

If you require pre-treatments such as tooth extraction, treating gum disease, teeth cleaning or anything else, we will start with these and allow time for your mouth to heal from them before embarking on the process of customising dentures for you. 


Impressions of your mouth

Once your mouth is clean and healed of any pre-treatment required, we will take impressions of your mouth using the latest technology available for 3D imaging as well as a personalised mould.

To create this mould, we will place dental putty onto a tray and fit it to the jaw that requires the denture. In case you need dentures for both jaws, we will take separate impressions of each.

This putty will harden in a short time while placed against your teeth, and we will remove it once it does. 


Recording of your bite

Our dentists are familiar with best practices for recording bite. We use best-in-class impression materials and rims that fit your mouth comfortably yet completely. We will ensure we’ve got the correct position of your upper and lower bite so there is no chance of an incorrect recording being sent to the dental lab that will manufacture your denture. 


Trying on your dentures

Once the dental lab has created dentures that are customised according to your dental impression and bite, we will call you in for a trial fitting. This is will help us assess the way the denture fits your mouth. Any imperfections will be noted, and if needed, the dentures will be sent back for correction of these imperfections. 


Fitting of your dentures

Once the dentures have been perfected for your mouth, we will call you again for the final fitting. We will help you put them on and take them off, so you are familiar with the task, and we can help you with any difficulty you face in using them. 


replacing missing tooth denture burwood

What are dentures made of?

A denture base is the part that fits onto your gums and holds prosthetic teeth in place. This base is made of acrylic resin and coloured to exactly match your gum colour, so it is indistinguishable from it.

The base of a denture has a metal frame that is strong enough to hold acrylic resin teeth or porcelain teeth. These artificial teeth are customised to match the colour of your natural teeth.

Some dentures also have nylon in them. 

Types of dentures


Full dentures

Full or complete dentures consist of removable upper and lower jaw prosthetics. These dentures have acrylic or porcelain teeth and are supported by a base made of acrylic or metal. 


Partial dentures

Partial dentures are those that only fill in gaps created by missing teeth. These can be clipped onto adjacent natural teeth with metal and removed when not required. 


Temporary dentures

These dentures are placed in your mouth right after the extraction of one or more teeth to help avoid discomfort from missing teeth and to help you get used to prosthetics. 


Bridge dentures

A fixed bridge denture, as its name implies, is not removable. It has a single dental crown mounted on a bridge which is fixed onto adjacent healthy, natural teeth. A cantilever bridge denture fits the same way as the fixed bridge one, but it has more than one dental crown and fills in gaps left by two or more missing teeth. 



Implants are permanent, fixed prosthetic teeth that are fused with the jawbone. They consist of three separate parts that connect to form one artificial tooth or have an entire set of teeth mounted on a few screws, such as the All-On-4 and All-On-6. Snap-on implants are teeth that can be snapped into screws that are permanently fused with the jawbone. 


How do I choose the best dentures to replace missing teeth?

We strongly recommend you be guided by the qualified and experienced dentists at any of My Local Dentist’s locations as they will examine your mouth thoroughly and ask you questions about your oral and general health, as well as your lifestyle, before deciding which type of denture is the best fit for you. 


Do partial dentures have porcelain teeth?

Yes, some partial dentures do have porcelain teeth. Your dentist is the person who will make the call on whether these will suit you better than resin ones depending on your requirements and budget. 


How to clean dentures?

long lasting fake dentures dental burwoodCleaning removable dentures is an easy task. Whether you opt for removable partial dentures or a clip-on complete denture, they require a soft-bristled brush and a special toothpaste formulated for dentures.

Clean the dentures gently over a bowl of water or a towel using the toothbrush and toothpaste. Make sure you clean your mouth as well.

Wash the toothpaste off the dentures and store them in water or a special fluid that may be given by your dentist for this purpose.

It is important to properly clean the dentures twice a day. Unclean dentures, or those that are worn all the time, can cause fungal infections and other oral health problems. 


How much do dentures cost?

The cost of a single jaw denture can start from $1700, while dentures for both jaws can start from $3300. However, the price for them can go up depending on the dentists you choose, the materials used to manufacture the dentures and any pre-treatment required.

You should know that Medicare does not pay for dentures, but private insurance companies will pay a part of the cost of the relevant plan is purchased. 


Well-fitting, affordable dentures in Sydney

If you are conscious about a gappy smile and are uncomfortable while chewing, you need dentures! My Local Dentists offer top-quality restorative dentistry services made affordable with leading dental funds and insurance. Contact us on (02) 9000 1239 today!



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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