People increasingly discover dental implants as an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. Remarkably, this revolutionary technology has been in use since 2,500 B.C., yet there is still much to discover about its benefits. If you want a complete picture of your tooth replacement possibilities, it is vital that you book an appointment with your dentist and gain insight into the truth behind why dental implants can improve your oral health dramatically.


Dental Implants look and feel like your natural teeth

Dental implants provide the look and functionality of natural teeth. They are inserted into the jawbone to act as tooth roots for replacement teeth, where they will then fuse with bone tissue in an integral process called osseointegration. This not only keeps your implant intact but also safeguards against bone loss around it or within your jawbone itself. The dental implant process is done under local or general anaesthesia to keep away any discomfort or pain during the insertion of implants.

surgical procedure burwoodDental restorations, such as crowns, bridges and dentures, are designed to provide you with a natural-looking smile. These restorations use porcelain ceramic, zirconium or composite, which is colour-matched precisely with your teeth for the most genuine look possible.

By having dental implants, you can lower the odds of developing cavities and keep your oral health in check as they are not susceptible to damage from acid erosion or decay. That said, they may tend to stain over time since their whiteness cannot be restored professionally.

To keep your dental implants in good shape and to extend their overall lifespan, make sure you book regular check-ups with your dentist. Additionally, take part in a consistent oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing every day – this will help protect both the implants and your natural teeth alike.


Dental implants are strong

When it comes to withstanding the pressure of human bite force, titanium alloy is unmatched – boasting an impressive strength-to-weight ratio among all available metals. As a result, dental implants made from this material are both lightweight and sturdy.

Titanium alloy, utilised in dental implants, is renowned for its resilience to regular wear and tear as well as corrosion. While it’s much stronger than the bones of your jawbone, it has comparable elastic characteristics so that when you bite or chew food, the pressure is evenly dispersed throughout your mouth. This guarantees a seamless integration between titanium alloy and bone tissue while eating.


Getting a dental implant can improve your ability to eat

dental care burwoodMissing teeth can have major repercussions – decreased chewing capacity and an inability to properly obtain essential nutrients your body requires. Replacing them is the best way to restore your bite, yet some tooth replacement solutions, such as dentures or bridges, might demand you adjust your diet to protect the restoration from damage.

Dental implants provide an incredible level of stability and strength, with the implant post threads covered in a biocompatible film that encourages seamless osseointegration between your jawbone tissue and the implant. Thanks to this advanced technology, dental implants can withstand bite forces of over 900 newtons-  the same as natural teeth. What’s more, is that because they act just like real teeth, you get back full function when it comes to eating – meaning you can consume all your favourite foods without any worries.


Dental implants are cost-effective

Although a dental implant may have a slightly higher initial cost than other tooth replacement methods, it is much more economical over the long term. As its titanium post is ‌biocompatible and lasts for life, you only need to worry about replacing the restoration part of your implant. This makes it an incredibly savvy investment that will provide lasting value over time

A study conducted in 2009 revealed that between 50 and 80% of dental restorations fixed through implants must be replaced within two decades.

A dental implant, unlike a denture or dental bridge, supports the jaw bone beneath it to avoid bone disintegration. With ill-fitting dentures or bridges that slip in your mouth and can’t support a high bite pressure, they must be swapped out more often than dental implants (every six years on average) — leading to expensive repairs and replacements over time.


Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants

If you have good dental and oral health, you are the perfect contender for dental implants. But there exist some conditions that may make it impossible for you to receive this treatment – such as autoimmune disorders like type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. This is because your immune system will likely recognise the implant as foreign material and might potentially reject it, which could lead to an unsuccessful procedure.

Individuals at risk for complications arising from dental implants include those with blood-related issues, cancers of the head and neck region, or leukemia. You may have to go through preparatory steps if you don’t possess adequate jawbone width/density in order to be qualified for a dental implant.

Are you thinking about having dental implant surgery? Then seek out a dentist who provides consultations to decide if an implant is the right choice for restoring your smile. At this meeting, in addition to going over your medical history, they will take X-rays and digital images of your teeth, gums and jaw bone so that they can evaluate bone density and thickness. People with less bone density usually require a bone graft procedure before the placement of dental implants. The dentist can also talk through any oral health issues which could need addressing before going ahead with the procedure – such as gum disease or where a sinus lift might be required first. Ultimately this allows them to determine whether an implant would work best for you – giving you back not just functionality but confidence too.



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Are you considering a permanent tooth replacement solution for your missing tooth? Dental implants are an ideal choice for anyone looking to regain the function of their smile. If you have any doubts or questions about the dental implant procedure, our friendly dentists from My Local Dentists are here for you. Our experienced dentists will review your oral health and address all of your queries regarding this treatment option so that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you. Schedule a consultation with us today and find out if dental implantation is the best fit for your needs.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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