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At My Local Dentists, we are passionate about giving you the smile of your dreams while maintaining optimal dental health. Whether you desire oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, or preventative care, our team is here to provide world-class dental services that are customised just for you! We believe that dental health is more than just dentistry. 

We offer only modern and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the best preventative practices and long-term solutions for Toongabbie patients. Your teeth are meant to last your entire lifetime. Our dentists help you make that happen by keeping them beautiful and healthy. Come and visit us and get your smile back to its best health.

Why choose us?


Talented dentists
Our dentists are experts in the field and work diligently to ensure optimum results for our Toongabbie patients. That’s why our patients love us and keep coming back for their dental needs.


Affordable dental care
At My Local Dentists, we pride ourselves on providing great dental care at an affordable price that meets the needs of our patients and their families.


Cutting-edge technology

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver top-notch dental treatments and get ideal results for our new and existing patients. We believe that your smile deserves only the best.


Personal dental care

When you come to our dental clinic, you will be greeted with a smile. We understand that each patient has different needs, so we offer dental care that is unique to every patient.

What dental treatments are available at our dental centre?

Teeth whitening helps remove unwanted teeth stains safely, efficiently, and quickly. Stains can accumulate on teeth over time from bacteria and food.

Dental implants are a durable method of replacing lost or missing teeth. If you have dentures, dental implants can be used to make them more stable and provide an additional level of retention.

Invisalign is an excellent option for correcting many cosmetic dental problems while benefiting your dental health. It can help fix malocclusions, such as overbite, crossbite, and crowded teeth.

A root canal is a restorative procedure that helps save a tooth with an infected nerve. A successful root canal treatment can save your natural tooth while treating the infection before any health complications occur.

Toongabbie Dentist

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can benefit from dental implants?

Dental implants are usually used when a patient misses one or more teeth. Their purpose is to restore the patient’s dentition. Every patient and every situation is different, so depending on the patient, their expectations, and how many teeth are missing, dental implants can be a single-tooth system, or a bridge-supported replacement system might be better if several teeth are gone. If you have many missing teeth or your existing teeth have a poor prognosis, both removable and fixed dentures can be ideal treatment options.

How does Invisalign function?

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to wire braces to straighten teeth. It uses clear plastic trays that are tailored to fit your mouth. These trays will gradually shift your teeth into place over time.

Our dentist will thoroughly examine your gums and teeth to see if Invisalign is right for you. This includes detecting undiagnosed periodontal disease, cavities, and other underlying dental health problems. Before starting orthodontic treatment, any existing issues must be resolved to ensure the most successful outcome. After diagnosing your teeth, our dentists will scan them using a digital scanner. They will use the scan to design custom-fitting trays that will straighten your teeth over a few months (duration varies based on your case’s complexity).

Where can I find your dental practice?

Our dental clinic is in Northmead, which is just 3.96 km from Toongabbie. Our dental services include teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and more.

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