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What is teeth whitening?

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The teeth whitening process involves using bleach or other materials to improve the appearance of stained teeth. These materials work by removing any discolouration or stains from the surface of your tooth. Teeth are bleached to remove the impact of coffee, smoking, and other items that darken or stain teeth over time.

Teeth can get discoloured for other reasons, too. Medications like tetracycline, or too much fluoride absorption that can result in fluorosis, which may impair tooth colour. Additionally, teeth lose their vibrant colour as they age. You can receive advice from our Leichhardt dentist regarding the best course of action.

Benefits of teeth whitening


Affordable whitening treatments
Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable treatments available. It can whiten your teeth by many shades, making you feel and look more confident.

Improved self-esteem
You’ll be more likely to smile when your teeth are looking good. As a result, you will feel more confident in meeting people and make new friends more easily.
Better oral health
Professional teeth whitening at our dental office ensures that all discolouration is removed, leaving your teeth stronger and healthier.
Comfortable dental care
Our professional dentist uses safe products on your teeth to give you optimal results. Additionally, you’ll learn how to take care of your teeth after treatment, and how to stop teeth sensitivity.

How does teeth whitening work?

Our Leichhardt dentist will first apply a rubber barrier or protective gel to your tissue and gums to protect them. After that, he will use a whitening agent on your teeth.

The hydrogen peroxide in the whitening agent is a bleaching chemical that has the potential to alter the colour of your teeth. It is used to eliminate both deeper and surface stains.

Our dentist employs whitening agents that contain hydrogen peroxide. A light may be shined on your teeth after the bleaching gel has been applied to speed up the whitening action.

Lasers can also improve some agents. The duration of a chairside bleaching session might range from half an hour to an hour.

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Tooth Whitening – Frequently Asked Questions

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What about toothpaste that whiten teeth?
There is an array of whitening toothpaste brands available on the market. Even though they don’t change the colour of your teeth, they might help remove stains. As a result, they may enhance your teeth’s overall appearance. If your teeth have been whitened, whitening toothpaste can help you notice even more improvement.
What about kits for at-home whitening?
Home whitening kits are widely available and include paint-on whiteners and strips. The amount of whitening agent these kits contain determines how effective they are. While home whitening kits are cheap, they tend to be more acidic and frequently lack safety testing. Hence, there is a danger that these products could harm your gums and teeth. We recommend that you speak to our dentist before beginning tooth whitening treatment. For your information, My Local Dentists is one of the best dental clinics in Leichhardt for in chair teeth whitening.
How bright should my teeth really be?
Brighter teeth are important for the best smile. However, the degree of bleaching you get is up to our dentist. He can then decide how bright your teeth will be. Before getting your teeth whitened, you should discuss how much treatment you will require. This will ensure that both our dentist and you agree on how bright your teeth should be. Although some patients want their teeth to be extremely white, this doesn’t always look natural. Instead, picking a white hue that complements your skin tone is vital. When choosing a level of treatment, our cosmetic dentist advises patients to match the whites of their eyes. This would enable your teeth to match your complexion.
When is teeth whitening not advised?
Any whitening procedure other than toothpaste should be avoided by nursing or pregnant women, as they could potentially contain levels of peroxide that would be harmful to the foetus. Also, individuals with peroxide allergies should refrain from using teeth whitening products.

Your smile could look like this, after Teeth Whitening:

TeethWhitening1 beforeTeethWhitening1 after
TeethWhitening2 beforeTeethWhitening2 after
TeethWhitening3 beforeTeethWhitening3 after

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