Is teeth whitening safe? Teeth whitening is treated as a cosmetic procedure but is actually a medical procedure and therefore should always be performed by a dental professional. 

Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures around. From whitening toothpaste to DIY whitening kits you can buy off the internet, there appear to be many options to choose from. However, not all are created equal. 

Many off-the-shelf products have minimal whitening effects, while some products bought online may be of dubious origin and downright dangerous. To ensure teeth whitening treatments are administered safely, don’t take any chances and instead, schedule an appointment with a dentist. 



Is Teeth Whitening Safe – What are the Dangers?

Whether you’re looking to brighten your teeth by a few shades for a special occasion, or you’ve developed a case of coffee-coloured teeth, there’s an option that’s right for you.

The bad news is that in the wrong hands, teeth whitening can cause permanent damage, such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Chemical burns have also occurred in rare instances where instructions have not been followed carefully.

The good news is that by going to a dental professional to have your teeth whitened there is little to no risk associated with getting an instantly white smile. Dentists and the products they use are licensed and a dentist will always examine your mouth thoroughly to make sure it is healthy enough for teeth whitening. 


What to expect when undergoing teeth whitening treatments at the dentist?

First, a dentist will perform a thorough exam of your mouth and teeth to make sure that you don’t have any cavities or other issues, such as gum disease, that might be exacerbated by whitening. They will also inquire about any medical conditions and medications you’re currently taking that might affect how you react to peroxide, a common ingredient in teeth whitening products. If you have cavities or gum disease, the dentist will treat these before you can have a whitening treatment.

If you are a suitable candidate to have your teeth whitened, you may be offered chairside teeth whitening, which is performed in around an hour in the dentist’s office and provides noticeable whitening results. Alternatively, some dentists offer at-home treatments where you wear custom-made trays containing whitening gel over your teeth every night for around 2-3 weeks. These provide a much subtler effect, but you can re-use the trays and obtain more gel to keep the whitening effect topped up.

If you want to know ‘is teeth whitening safe?’ you can make sure it is by getting the treatment at a dental office. You may experience slight tooth sensitivity caused by the peroxide, but this should disappear within days—although in rare cases it may last a week or two.


When teeth whitening won’t work

safety measures teeth whitening treatment burwoodAlthough teeth whitening treatments can be very effective for most people, there are instances when they won’t work.

  • Teeth whitening products are most effective when used on external stains on the teeth. So, internal stains caused by, for example, antibiotic staining with tetracycline will not be affected
  • Whitening is only effective on natural tooth enamel. If you have veneers, crowns, or another type of tooth restoration, they will not become lighter as a result of using teeth whitening products


Is Teeth Whitening Safe? – The Takeaway

In the skilled and reliable hands of dental professionals, teeth whitening treatments are very safe. Not only does a dentist have access to stronger whitening agents than what is available over the counter, but because they are trained professionals, they can make sure that the process doesn’t negatively affect the health of your teeth or gums in any way. 

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