Did you know that smiling can make you feel happier? Research has found that smiling helps reduce stress and lower the heart rate in tense situations. But do discoloured teeth make you feel too embarrassed to smile? Are you looking for some tips on how to make teeth white? If so, stick around as we discuss some things you can do to brighten your smile. 


Teeth Whitening Options

The good news is there are plenty of ways to improve the appearance of stained or discoloured teeth. Here are 7 top tips: 



Schedule regular dental cleans

A plaque build-up can give the teeth a yellowish appearance, but fortunately, the dentist can remove these deposits with a scale and clean. As a rule of thumb, dentists recommend bi-annual appointments to keep the teeth and gums healthy. 


Use mouthwash 

A mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide may whiten teeth when used twice a day. In fact, due to the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in mouthwash, it’s safer than many other whitening treatments for those with sensitive teeth and gums. However, it also means that compared to professional teeth whitening, the process can take longer. 


Practice good oral hygiene 

Good oral hygiene is an easy way to improve your smile’s appearance. Regular brushing and flossing can make a vast difference relatively quickly. Most people find that brushing at least twice a day and flossing once results in healthier teeth that are cleaner and brighter. 


Use teeth whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives such as activated charcoal or baking soda that gradually remove surface stains to whiten and brighten the teeth. However, they can thin tooth enamel if used too frequently, leading to tooth sensitivity and more discolouration. It’s best to use whitening toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush and only use it for a couple of weeks at a time. 


Try natural teeth whitening remedies

If you’re wondering how to make teeth white without turning to abrasives and chemicals, then, believe it or not, some foods help clean the teeth. What should you eat? Crunchy vegetables and fruit like celery, carrots and apples. Dairy products like cheese are also a good idea since they balance the pH levels in the mouth. This helps increase the production of saliva that acts as a natural mouth wash rinsing harmful bacteria and plaque off the teeth while simultaneously strengthening the tooth enamel. 


options treatment teeth whitening burwoodOver-the-counter whitening treatments

Teeth whitening is big business, meaning there are many whitening products, all promising to deliver Hollywood smiles. Consumers can choose from teeth whitening kits and strips to whitening pens, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

However, results can often be disappointing as, legally, they can only contain less than 6% of the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, so any improvement in tooth colour is likely to be minimal. 


What about professional teeth whitening

Most dentists offer whitening treatments that involve bleaching the teeth using in-chair teeth whitening or whitening kits that you take away and use in the comfort of your own home. Professional in-chair whitening such as Philips Zoom can lighten the teeth in just an hour. Moreover, many dentists issue patients with custom whitening trays so they can top up the whiteness at home when required. Dentists can use higher peroxide concentrations for in-chair whitening for faster, longer-lasting results, which is why professional teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments here at My Local Dentists. 


Do you want a whiter smile?

So now you know how to make teeth white, you’ll know you don’t have to put up with discoloured teeth. Instead, schedule a consultation with the experienced team at My Local Dentists and we can appraise your smile and discuss the best teeth whitening options for you. Reach out to your Burwood dentist now.




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