A bright, white smile is just as important these days as maintaining good oral health. It’s easy to see why , as a white smile is attractive and can boost your self-confidence. There are plenty of options out there purporting to whiten teeth, but if you really want to know how to get white teeth, the safest and most effective option is to see a dentist.


Why are my teeth not white?

We all know white teeth are a thing of beauty, but many people have trouble achieving that bright, white shade. Why? 




Although certain lifestyle factors may contribute to discolouring your teeth, contrary to what you might think, teeth colour is largely determined by genetics. Very few people have white teeth—most are various shades between cream and yellow, which is why teeth whitening has become one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Antibiotic Staining

Some people may have teeth that are shaded grey. This is often the result of staining from tetracycline antibiotics taken by children below 8 years old, or pregnant mothers.


Lifestyle factors

Certain habits or lifestyle choices can also contribute to teeth staining. The enamel on your teeth is porous and bad habits, such as smoking, can cause teeth to yellow. Additionally, erosion of the tooth enamel as a result of teeth grinding or consuming acidic food and drinks can also exacerbate tooth discolouration. 


Food and Drinks

Certain food and drinks can also stain tooth enamel. Tea, coffee and red wine are particularly culpable, as well as highly pigmented foods, such as curries and berries. The main thing to remember is that if a substance stains your clothes, then it’s probably going to stain your teeth.


How to get white teeth safely and effectively?

Laser teeth whitening treatments are carried out by a dentist and these are one of the safest and most effective ways to whiten teeth. There are several brands of laser teeth whitening systems available. Philips Zoom, for example, is one of the global leading brands which we use here at My Local Dentists. Before we carry out a teeth whitening procedure, we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to ensure your oral health is good and you have no active signs of gum disease or tooth decay that can be detrimental to the effectiveness of any teeth whitening treatments.


What is the procedure for laser teeth whitening treatments?teeth whitening guides and tips burwood

The laser teeth whitening procedure begins by thoroughly cleaning the teeth to remove any stubborn stains. A rubber dam is placed around the teeth to protect the soft tissues in the mouth before applying bleaching gel to the teeth. You will wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. 

The laser is pointed at your teeth to activate the lightening properties in the gel that whiten teeth. The gel is removed, and the process is repeated several times until the desired level of teeth whitening is achieved.

This is how to get white teeth quickly as the process only takes around an hour and delivers immediate, dramatic results that can whiten teeth by up to 12 shades.


The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that laser teeth whitening treatments are highly effective for most people who want to brighten their smiles, but not everyone is suitable. At My Local Dentists, we’re here to advise you how to get white teeth safely to ensure your smile is not only dazzling but that your oral health is protected. Discover more about the advantage of My Local Dentists if you want to whiten your teeth and arrange us today.



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