While some people are born with naturally white teeth, others are not. So if you are (like many people) in the latter category and feel it’s about time you did something about your yellow teeth, then stick around. We’ll tell you how to get rid of yellow teeth, safely and effectively. Moreover, if you opt for chairside teeth whitening, then it is possible to achieve noticeable results in as little as one hour.  


So why chairside teeth whitening?

You could of course opt for something less expensive like over-the-counter whitening products or, in the case of DIY whitening treatments, at no cost at all, but in truth, they don’t always work. It all depends on how yellow your teeth are and the treatment you choose.

For instance, whitening gels or strips contain less than 6% hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) so even when they do work, it can take several weeks or more to achieve the desired level of whiteness. 



On the contrary, if you really want to know how to get rid of yellow teeth fast, then you need to know about chairside teeth whitening. Typically, teeth whitening carried out by your dentist at their local clinic is not only more effective, but it’s also safer too


Because the dentist will carry out a thorough oral examination before going ahead. Therefore, any application of teeth whitening gel is highly unlikely to cause problems like sensitivity. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for over-the-counter or DIY teeth whitening methods. 


So just how effective is chairside teeth whitening in getting rid of yellow teeth?


In most cases, patients will see noticeable differences in as little as one hour. Here’s how the process works. 

Firstly, and as stated, the dentist will give you a thorough oral examination to ensure that you have no cavities or sensitive teeth. If you do, then this will need to be dealt with before undergoing a teeth whitening treatment. 

teeth whitening yellow teeth burwoodIf all is okay, then the dentist will cover your gums and lips to avoid any gel coming into contact with sensitive areas, leaving just the teeth exposed. 

Next, the dentist will apply the teeth whitening gel to the surface of the teeth. Typically, gel strength is around 35%, so it’s a much higher concentration than the 6% legally allowed in over-the-counter products. Therefore it’s incredibly fast-acting. The gel is left on the teeth for around 10 minutes where, in some cases, a light is applied. This activates the gel to get to work on your yellow teeth, thus breaking down and removing both surface and deeper ingrained staining.  

After 10 minutes the gel is rinsed off and the level of whitening checked. The process is then repeated two or three times until the desired level of teeth whitening is reached. Inevitably people walk out of the dental chair with a noticeably different (and whiter) smile to what they came in with, all within 1 hour. That’s how to get rid of yellow teeth fast!

But wait, there’s more!

The teeth whitening gel continues to work for several days until the desired degree of whiteness is reached.


So, now you know how to get rid of yellow teeth, it might persuade you to give My Local Dentists a call. With 5 dental clinics spread across the Sydney suburbs, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re never too far away from getting a whiter, brighter smile. Come and talk to us about how we can help whiten your yellow teeth with Philips Zoom, a brand leading teeth whitening product that works. 

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