Are you wondering how to clean dentures? It’s essential to have the correct information when cleaning false teeth. After all, you want to keep them looking their best and free from bacteria and stains.

Failing to clean dentures properly can lead to odour and staining and increase the risk of chronic gum inflammation. And the risk of problems is even greater with partial dentures. If plaque is allowed to build up between the denture and the natural teeth, it increases the risk of decay in the remaining teeth. 

Typically, food gets beneath dentures when eating, so in addition to brushing dentures twice daily, they may need to be removed at other times for a quick rinse. So, let’s get back to the point in question, cleaning false teeth


How to clean dentures – the basics

When cleaning false teeth, there are a few simple rules, the first being that dentures need to be removed from the mouth to clean them thoroughly. In doing so, it’s easier to access the internal surface that fits against the gum and to clean any remaining natural teeth and soft tissue areas such as the roof of the mouth and the gums. Wearing dentures all day is like wearing a pair of trainers on your feet. They need to be removed to give the gums a chance to breathe. Keeping dentures out of the mouth at night is also an essential part of an oral health routine. 



Once false teeth are removed, handle them with care as they can be slippery and prone to damage or breakage if dropped. Try placing a small hand towel in the basin to act as a buffer should the dentures slip out of your hand or partially fill the basin with water. Alternatively, use a cloth to hold the dentures if you have reduced dexterity. 


What products should I use?

A regular toothbrush is often more effective for brushing around the clasps of partial dentures and narrow internal spaces. The smaller brush head is easier to manoeuvre but can be harder to grip. 

A dedicated denture brush has a larger handle and bristles, making it easier to hold. Having a larger bristle area is best suited to complete dentures. For those with arthritis, a denture toothbrush is the best tool. 


How to clean dentures – Do I just use toothpaste?

Regular toothpaste is often slightly abrasive and can cause damage to plastic dentures. Over time, minor scratches can dull the shine and reduce the stain resistance of a denture’s surface. 

Liquid soap is the best product for cleaning dentures and is usually close to hand. Combined with a toothbrush, it removes plaque and tartar build-up without causing damage. Rinse the denture thoroughly to avoid an unpleasant soapy taste in the mouth. 


denture cleaning guide burwoodA word about denture adhesive?

Denture adhesive prevents dentures from slipping making them feel more comfortable. It also helps prevent food debris from getting beneath false teeth. However, adhesives are sticky and messy.

Gargling with warm water will help loosen any residue adhesive in the mouth, although more vigorous brushing may be required to remove adhesive from the denture. 


What about any stains that don’t come off with brushing?

Denture tablets can be used once or twice a week for plastic dentures. Soaking will dissolve the scale without harming the denture. As an alternative, equal parts of water and white vinegar can be used in place of denture tablets. However, do not use this method with metal dentures since it could cause corrosion. 

Finally, we recommend periodic dental cleaning from a dentist. They will have ultrasound devices that remove plaque or tartar build-up and can polish your dentures to leave them looking as good as new. 

Knowing how to clean dentures will help your dentures last longer, feel fresher, and look more natural. 


Do you need new dentures?

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