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At our dental practice, we provide everything from routine teeth cleanings to more complicated treatments like implants and braces. We strongly advise patients of all ages to take care of their gums and teeth. Our experienced dentists are happy to offer tips and suggestions on maintaining good oral hygiene.

Our dental clinic always uses the latest technologies and ensures that all our dentists are trained in every dental service. We ensure our patients understand every detail of their treatment plan, including the cost and choices available to them. This way, they can feel confident in making decisions about their treatment.

Why choose us?

Experienced dentists
Years of research skills and clinical experience enable our team to offer top-notch dental solutions to our patients.
Broad range of services
Dental services available at My Local Dentists include general dentistry, orthodontic treatment, dental implants, root canal therapy, and cosmetic treatments.
Exceeding patients expectations
At our dental centre, we work hard to create an experience perfect for our Glebe patients. We are extremely proud of exceeding the expectations of patients who visit us.
We listen
We know that every patient is different. We listen to each patient’s concerns and needs so that we can create a personalised treatment plan for them.

What treatments are available at our dental centre?

Root canal treatment, or endodontics, is focused on saving teeth that are infected, fractured or decayed. The goal is to remove any infected pulp within the tooth and return the natural tooth to its original state.

Veneers are natural shells that fit over your existing teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. They are made specifically for you and ensure an aesthetically pleasing look.

Dental implants provide long-term and effective support for a replacement tooth, whether you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth to gum disease, decay, or accident.

Teeth whitening is an inexpensive and easy way to improve your smile and boost your confidence. Whitening works by getting rid of stains from inside the teeth, so they look brighter.

Glebe Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can you do about discoloured or stained teeth?

Because so many patients want to get brighter teeth, multiple methods and products are now available for whitening. Professional teeth bleaching is a dental procedure that changes the colour of your tooth enamel and makes for a great way to improve your smile’s appearance. Although you can find over-the-counter products, they won’t work as well as professional ones.

The enamel on your teeth’s surface wears away as you get older, which can lead to a darker appearance. Your teeth’s colour is also affected by the inside of the tooth, which may darken over time. Did you know that consuming wine, drinking coffee, or smoking can be culprits if your teeth change colour? Additionally, certain childhood medications can cause tooth discolouration later in life. Finally, too much fluoridation during tooth development can also affect the colour of your teeth.

How can cosmetic dentistry help enhance the look of your smile?

If you are not pleased with your smile, cosmetic dental treatments may be right for you. In recent years, several patients have turned to cosmetic dentistry because of the numerous advancements in materials and technology. Not to mention, patients are now more focused on improving their health as a whole. Plenty of cosmetic dental procedures are available to help your teeth and improve your smile. Depending on what you need, these treatments can improve your smile, from repairing a single tooth to giving you a new set of teeth. If you’re interested in improving your smile, talk to our dentist about cosmetic dentistry.

Where can I find your dental clinic?

Glebe patients will be delighted to know that our dental clinic is in Leichhardt, which is just 3.5 km from Glebe. Our experienced dental team offers high-quality dental care to our existing and new patients.

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