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Our team of dentists is devoted to exceptional dental care customised to each patient’s needs. We believe that our Ermington patients are worthy of nothing less than a thorough oral care treatment. If any dental emergency should take place, our dentists will do their best to see and care for you as soon as possible.

As dental care professionals, we are well aware of the benefits of routine cleanings, regular flossing, sealants, and fluoride treatments in maintaining dental hygiene and preventing oral diseases. We aim to provide quality dental care services that promote good dental health rather than simply treating diseases and conditions.

Why choose our dental practice?


A positive experience for all patients

We value our patients’ experiences and strive to ensure that each Ermington patient who visits us for dental care leaves feeling positive and relaxed.


Training and expertise
We are committed to continuously learning new things in the field of dentistry. Our goal is to stay informed about everything going on in dental care.


Personalised care

At My Local Dentists, we go above and beyond for our patients by offering personalised dental care. We get to understand them on a personal level and take pride in doing so.


Children and family-friendly

There’s no reason to be anxious about going to the dentist. We want children to feel at ease coming into our clinic and realise that getting their teeth checked is good.

What treatments are available at our dental centre?

A root canal treatment is a procedure to save a tooth that has an infected pulp. The infection could turn into an abscess, so this treatment is essential to avoid further damage.

Regular dental check-ups allow you to catch any potential root canal problems early on and keep your teeth healthy. Our dentist will examine the overall health of your mouth during your visit.

Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that uses clear, discreet aligners to straighten your teeth and give you a smile makeover. You can remove the trays while brushing your teeth or eating.

A cosmetic bridge is a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth. It bridges the gap between adjacent teeth, restoring function and aesthetics.

Ermington Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I improve my oral health?

Dental health is a result of collaboration between you and our dentist. To improve yours, begin by sharing your everyday routine with our dentist. From there, get tips on the right way to floss and brush. You might even ask what kind of toothbrush to use or how frequently you should replace it. Our dentist will discuss how often you should come in for appointments. You can also talk to them about the dental hygiene products you use or would like to try. They will be able to help manage bad breath, recommend night guards, and suggest changes to your fluoride intake. Be sure to tell our dentist about any discomfort or pain that you’re experiencing.

How can you achieve a brighter and whiter smile?

Your smile is important! You want to have the best-looking teeth possible. There are two ways you can make your teeth brighter: over-the-counter (OTC) treatments and professional dental treatments. Consult our dentist about which option would be right for you and produce the desired results. They may recommend custom take-home trays or in-office teeth whitening to brighten your teeth significantly. Although OTC whitening products will not give you the same results as a professional treatment from our dentist, whitening strips and toothpaste can remove superficial stains to make your teeth look brighter.

Where can I find your dental clinic?

Good news! Our West Ryde dental clinic is just 3.09 km from Ermington. Our dental services include gum disease treatment, orthodontics, kid’s dentistry, teeth whitening, emergency dental care, and cosmetic dentistry.

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