Emergency Dentist Ryde

Emergency Dentist Ryde

What is a dental emergency?

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A painful tooth is more than enough to consult with our Ryde dentist. Dental emergencies can be brought on by many things, including biting into anything hard, work-related injuries, playing outside, and riding a bike.

A knocked-out tooth, an infected tooth, a tooth injury, and a severe toothache are a few examples of typical dental emergencies. If infections are not treated, they could spread to other areas of your neck, head, and mouth, leading to more severe health issues. These kinds of injuries should not be overlooked and need immediate attention right away.

What are the most common dental emergencies?

Food trapped between the teeth
When food pieces get trapped between your teeth and no amount of flossing or brushing is able to remove them, you should schedule an emergency appointment with our dentist immediately.
Abscessed tooth
A dental abscess is a serious, possibly dangerous condition where infection from a pus-filled pocket in the tooth has spread.
Damaged crown
A broken or entirely lost dental crown exposes your teeth, making them more prone to decay and infection.
Lost filling
If you are missing a filling, this can easily lead to emergency dental problems, such as a chipped or broken tooth.

What are some common treatments for dental emergencies?

Dental splinting is a procedure in which mobile teeth are connected using a thin, fibre-reinforced wire to increase their stability. You can save your natural teeth thanks to this dental treatment.

Tooth extraction is done using specialised tools. Our emergency dentist will loosen your tooth and delicately lift it from its socket.

Dental fillings are synthetic materials that are used to fill in cracks or holes in the enamel of teeth that are damaged, cracked, or decayed. Our emergency dentist fills in decayed tooth tissue after removing it.

Root canal therapy cleans out the infected root canal, prevents the tooth from becoming reinfected, and preserves the natural tooth.

dental implants - missing tooth replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

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How should a noticeable swelling be treated?
Swelling is usually caused by infection, and if it is also causing you to have swollen eyes or breathing problems, you should contact our emergency dental care as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading quickly.
How should a jaw fracture be treated?

This kind of injury needs emergency dental care. A significant head injury can be fatal and life-threatening, so contact our dental clinic as soon as possible. There are things you can do before visiting our emergency dentist.

  • Wrap a towel around your jaw and chin to help keep your jaw in place.
  • Slowly apply a cold compress to the area
    around the fracture. This will assist in decreasing swelling and ease some of the pain felt in that specific area.
What happens if I lose a filling in a tooth?
If you unexpectedly lose a filling, call our Ryde emergency dentist immediately to make an appointment. While you wait, you may use dental cement from grocery or pharmacy stores to fill the gap. You can also use sugar-free gum to fill the cavity, but be sure to pick a sugar-free one because adding sugar to the area near the hole might make it more painful.
What choices do I have for pain relief if I have tooth pain?
If you have tooth pain, brush and floss your teeth to free any food particles that may have gotten trapped between your teeth. To relieve pain, you can take aspirin; however, avoid placing it directly against the gum that hurts. Call our emergency dentist in Ryde if the pain doesn’t disappear after a few days; you might need an extraction. At our dental practice, we aim to prioritise emergency appointments for our existing and new patients.
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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