Reliable Dentures Leichhardt

Reliable Dentures Leichhardt

What are dentures?

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Dentures are detachable dental prosthetics that can help you smile again by replacing missing teeth. Replacing lost teeth will improve your health and appearance if you’ve lost all of your natural teeth due to an illness, tooth decay, or gum disease.

This is due to the fact that wearing dentures makes it simpler to speak and eat than you would be able to accomplish without teeth. Your face muscles may sag after tooth loss, making you appear older. Your face may look fuller if you wear dentures. Dentures may also improve the appearance of your smile.

Benefits of dentures at Leichhardt

Prevention of bone disintegration
Losing teeth affects your smile and weakens the bone structure in your jaw. Dentures help prevent the disintegration of these bones.
No dietary restrictions
Dentures allow you to expand your dietary options and enjoy all the foods you loved before tooth loss.

Easily removable for cleaning
Traditional dentures can all be removed for proper cleaning.


Natural teeth appearance
Dentures have evolved, are comfortable, and can function just like your natural teeth. It might take several dental visits to find the right fit, but it is a small investment for your restored confidence in speaking and chewing.

Dentures Leichhardt – Procedure

The first stage is for our dentist to examine your teeth and assess your oral health. He will look for any indications of infection that might impede the denture procedure during this examination.

After the consultation, our dentist will make a mould of your teeth and take measurements to make sure that the dentures fit your remaining teeth perfectly. 

Full and Partial Dentures

After the dentures are completed, we’ll bring you in for a fitting to make sure they fit correctly. 

There won’t be any pain, but getting used to wearing dentures may take some time. You can evaluate whether to choose implants or dentures. Check dental implants in Leichhardt.

Although your new dentures will feel somewhat strange initially, you’ll get used to them. You will be able to perform the same activities as with regular teeth.

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Dentures Services NSW – Frequently Asked Questions

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Does getting used to wearing dentures take a lot of time?

New denture wearers often need at least a few weeks to adjust to their new dentures. In the beginning, there could be some discomfort, so it’s essential to make any adjustments that can improve the fit at this time.

Should I wear dentures at all times?

You can decide when to wear your dentures. You should remove your dentures before going to bed at night, so your gums can rest.

Do dentures get in the way of drinking, eating, or speaking?

New denture wearers may require a few weeks or more to adapt to their new dentures. It’s usually advised that new denture wearers practice at home before going out to boost their self-confidence.

How should dentures be maintained and cleaned?

Dentures must be gently cleaned daily to last a long time. Each type of denture comes with its own set of care instructions, but general cleaning recommendations include using a particular cleanser and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

What type of dentures is the best?

Every dental patient will have a unique situation; thus, the kind of dentures our Leichhardt dentists suggest will address that exact situation. Materials for dentures should also be researched.

Who ought to wear dentures?

Wearing a denture is something that everyone with missing teeth should do. Complete dentures are available for people without any natural teeth, while partial dentures are available for people who still have some natural teeth. If the gaps are not filled in, the remaining natural teeth will shift, which is why a partial denture is essential. Dentures offer facial support and facilitate speech and better chewing, all of which enhance your smile and look. Remember, dentures are a popular and economical way to replace missing teeth.

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