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Castlecrag patients don’t need to seek care elsewhere because our dental professionals are skilled in various dental procedures. Call our dental office to book a consultation with our experienced dentists. The staff at My Local Dentists is dedicated to meeting all of our patient’s dental needs. Our expert dentists use only the most cutting-edge technology to offer you the smile you deserve.

Every one of our team members was meticulously selected for their dedication to providing top-notch dental care. All of our dentists are Australian graduates and participate in study meetings, to ensure offering excellent quality treatment to all of our patients.

Why choose us?


A fair pricing
Here at My Local Dentists, we’re committed to offering affordable dental treatment to patients in Castlecrag.



A wide range of treatments
Our dental practice offers many dental treatments to ensure that your smile is exactly how you want it. Our services include restorative dentistry, implants, braces, veneers, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and teeth whitening.

Personalised care
We offer professional and individualised care in a welcoming environment. We value your time and prioritise your comfort.




Experienced dentists
At My Local Dentists, Castlecrag patients will get exceptional service from our dentists. They minimise the treatment time and the number of visits using cutting-edge equipment.


What treatments do we offer at our dental clinic?

Dentures: also called plates or false teeth, they are fitted to replace missing teeth. Based on the requirement, they can replace one tooth or many. Dentures look natural and fit comfortably over the gums. .

Dental implant:  it’s a prosthetic tooth’s root. It is inserted into the jawbone to provide permanent support for artificial teeth. Dental implants can support single or multiple artificial teeth.

Tooth fillings:  they are used to fix worn-out, decayed, or damaged teeth. Our professional dentists can help if Castlecrag patients have cavities and need their tooth restored.

Teeth cleaning: it’s vital to dental hygiene as it gets rid of dental plaque that may cause periodontal disease, gingivitis, and cavities.

Castlecrag Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to care for your teeth between dentist appointments?
Here are a few ways to care for your teeth between dentist appointments.

  • Flossing is an essential aspect of keeping good oral health, and it complements daily brushing.
  • We suggest that our patients include all food groups in their diets. Foods rich in calcium and protein, wholegrains, vegetables and fruits will aid in the maintenance of your gums and teeth.
  • Maintaining hydration is essential for vibrant health. We recommend that you consume at least 1.5 litres of water daily.
  • What can I do about sensitive teeth?
    • Get your gums checked by our dentist.
    • Avoid acidic drinks and foods.
    • Use a soft toothbrush and ensure you brush gently to maintain gum integrity and protect your teeth’s surface.

    Where can I find a My Local Dentists clinic?

    You can find a My Local Dentists clinic in Northbridge, which is only 1.6 km from Castlecrag. Our dental treatments are customised to meet your specific oral health needs. And all of our dental procedures, like crowns, root canal treatments, and tooth decay removal, are reasonably priced.

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