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We pride ourselves on giving our dental practitioners access to amazing facilities with well-trained support staff so they can give Concord patients the treatments they need and want. Plus, we work hard to create a first-class patient experience from beginning to end by letting them know all their treatment options.

Our Concord dentist goal is to provide you with the finest dental experience possible, which is why each team member is chosen carefully. We want our patients to feel important and cared for during their visits, so we designed our dental practices with that goal in mind. From the moment you enter our dental practice in Burwood, we hope you feel at ease.

Why choose us?

We know that many Concord patients have dental anxiety. By explaining what to expect during your treatment, our experienced dental professionals are often able to reduce dental fear.
Advanced materials and techniques
We use the most up-to-date therapy methods, techniques, and dental materials to provide various alternatives suitable for your specific needs.
An extensive range of treatments
Our dental services include teeth whitening, dentures, dental veneers, general check-ups, gum disease treatment, root canal treatment, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and more. We are always available when you need our help.
Affordable dental treatments
Our dental clinic provides low-cost treatments while ensuring that our Concord patients are highly satisfied.

What treatments are available at our dental practice?

Tooth whitening is the process of eliminating surface stains from teeth and lightening their overall colour. It is also called dental bleaching or tooth bleaching.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure during which one or more wisdom teeth are extracted to alleviate pain or avoid future complications associated with developing these third molars.

Orthodontic treatments focus on treating misaligned teeth and jaw irregularities.

Dental bridges and crowns are the most popular alternatives to long-term dental implants. A dental bridge may be essential if you have a missing tooth in a row but still possess healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

Concord Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are dental exams important?
Regular dental check-ups are necessary for keeping your teeth healthy. Routine dental examinations can find problems early when treatment will most likely be easier and inexpensive. In addition, they can help to prevent several potential issues from occurring in the first place.
Dental check-ups are recommended for more than one reason; sometimes, medical conditions that are serious can show symptoms in your mouth, and you might not be aware of them. Dental problems may also exist without any pain or other symptoms, especially during the early stages.
Dental check-ups are crucial, not just for addressing current issues but also for discovering potential problems. Our experienced dentist will be able to identify these types of issues during your appointment.
How frequently should I have a dental check-up?

Your teeth should be checked at least twice a year, but our dental practitioner may suggest more frequent visits. Our dental clinics are in West Ryde, Northbridge, Burwood, Leichhardt, and Northmead.

Why do I need fluoride?

Fluoride can make your teeth resistant to acid attacks, which are responsible for cavities. You can prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth’s enamel by consuming water with fluoride and cleaning your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste.

What can I do to prevent bad breath?
  • Use mouthwash – Some over-the-counter products only cover up unpleasant mouth odours for a short time. Consult our dental practitioner about antiseptic rinses that not only cure foul breath but also eliminate the germs that cause it.
  • Drink water regularly – Water will keep your mouth moist and wash away germs.
  • Visit your dental practitioner regularly – Get a check-up at least twice a year. Our dentist will recommend more frequent visits if you suffer from periodontal disease.
  • Stop smoking – Ask our dentist what they suggest to help break the habit. Smoking is not good for your oral health.
  • Practice good dental hygiene – For better dental health, brush at least two times daily with fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush. Remember to floss daily to clean out plaque and food debris from places your toothbrush can’t reach.

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